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The Reproductive Status of Your Dairy Herd Guide D-302

(Dairy Vietnam) John F. Smith, Extension Dairy Specialist
Dim A. Becker, Extension 4-H Agent
College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences New Mexico State University

Heat Detection Monitor Reduces Labor

(Dairy Vietnam) US – Electronically monitoring cows for heat detection can reduce labor, increase pregnancy rates, decrease days open and limit the need for hormone treatments.

Training, Technology to Boost Dairy Cattle Fertility

US - Increasing the reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle -- getting the highest possible number of cows pregnant in the same period of time -- has always been a challenge for this industry. Ohio State University specialists are working to reverse this trend through the development of new reproduction techniques and training that emphasises proper management.

Breed, Body Condition Impact Cow Fertility

AUSTRALIA - Breed and body condition have a critical impact on fertility, according to preliminary results from Cash Cow research presented at Beef Australia 2012.

Estrus Detection In Cattle

Estrus in cattle is commonly referred to as heat. It occurs every 18 to 24 days in sexually mature, open (nonpregnant) female cattle when they are receptive to mounting activity by bulls or other cows or heifers, according to Dr. Jane A. Parish, Associate Extension/ Research Professor, Animal and Dairy Sciences; Dr. Jamie E. Larson, Assistant Professor, Animal and Dairy Sciences; and Dr. Rhonda C. Vann, Associate Research Professor, Brown Loam Branch Experiment Station.

Sexed Semen in Irish Dairy Herds

IRELAND - Teagasc researchers have been investigating if there is a role for using sexed semen to expand the Irish dairy herd. In the dairy industry, female offspring are more desirable than male offspring, particularly with the impending removal of the milk quota regime.

Know Optimal Insemination - Anytime, Anywhere

NETHERLANDS - Nedap Agri is launching a new heat detection system in the Lactivator product line - the Lactivator RealTime. What is special about this system is that it delivers up-to-date information on a cow’s optimal insemination time at any time and anywhere.

Why Crossbreed?

This is a critical question. Getting into crossbreeding requires a long term commitment, and before jumping into the unknown, one has to have a crystal clear answer.

Seminal characteristics in beef bulls supplemented with rumen bypass fat


The quality of the semen is one of the factors most important in success of reproductive biotechnologies (artificial insemination, fixed time artificial insemination, embryonic transfer and in vitro fertilization). The level of dietary energy has been suggested as the main nutritional factor determining the effects on sperm quality.

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