Breeding & Genetics

When Should You Breed that Cow?

Back in the day the gold standard of cow breeding called for getting cows pregnant by 60 days so they could calve again in 365 days, given a 60-day dry period. That’s when 20,000-lb. herd averages were exceptional.

Genetic Parameters for Perinatal Mortality in Irish Dairy Cattle

(Dairy Vietnam) The Animal and Grassland Innovations Centre and TEAGASC have gathered data from Irish Cattle Breeding Federation for the years 2002 to 2011. They looked into whether perinatal mortality rates could be decreased through exploiting genetic variation traits.

Project: Background - Methodology - Activities - hievement - Programs

1. Back ground
2. Objectives
3. The environment in which the project was implemented
4. Organization
5. Methods selected to realize the project
6. Achievements
7. Problems unsolved
8. Strategy
9. Aims in period of 2000 - 2005

1.Back ground

Print This Page IDEXX Launches Bovine Pregnancy Test

GLOBAL and US - IDEXX Livestock and Poultry Diagnostics announces the worldwide release of the IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy Test—a test whose early, accurate results help shorten calving intervals and improve reproductive performance for dairy and beef producers.