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Getting More from Your Rumination and Activity Monitoring Devices

Have you ever bought a new piece of equipment only to get less than 50% of what the sales person ‘promised’ it would provide? It is both sad and negative for agriculture when farmers get oversold on new technology. But, let’s be positive! Have you ever invested in new technology and got more than your money’s worth? The Bullvine recently read about such a situation. It came to our attention via a series of scientific reports in the Journal of Dairy Science (JDS Vol. 99 No. 9, 2016) where a study was done at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York about the use of automated health-monitoring system (AHMS).

2012 - A Challenging Grazing Season Comes to an End

(Dairy Vietnam) The AFBI review the grazing season as one of the most challenging growing seasons comes to an end.

Dry period length: Are you hitting your targets?

Most farms have clearly defined targets for dry period length. But how many of your cows actually hit that target and does it matter?

Management and Economic Considerations in Dairy Heifer Development

(Dairy Vietnam) MIichael Looper, from the University of Arkansas looks at management and economic considerations in dairy heifer development.

Organic Compounds Eliminate Disease Pathogens

US - Natural compounds may offer an alternative to certain antibiotics in the future for treating young animals that are susceptible to bacterial infections, thanks to work by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists.

Controlling Insects, Rodents for Healthy Livestock

US - Successfully preventing and eliminating flies and mice in livestock and poultry operations is crucial to maintaining animal health and productivity, says a Purdue University entomologist.

Energy Costs Savings of Spray Drying Dairy Products

FRANCE - Different uses of current technologies can help reduce energy costs of spray drying of dairy products and enhance functional properties of dairy powders according to IDF and INRA expert Pierre Schuck.

What is a Monthly Cashflow Budget for a Dairy Farm

A cashflow budget outlines your monthly financial situation.

It formalises, on a month-by-month basis, what income you expect and what you anticipate spending.

Any surplus or deficit is shown progressively month-by-month. You can then compare your actual expenditure with your monthly expenditure to monitor your cashflow position, and take corrective action where necessary. It will help you plan your seasonal finance requirements.

Dairy Farm Operating Profit

Dairy Operating Profit (formerly known as Economic Farm Surplus (EFS)) is a measure of farm profitability used for benchmarking comparison between dairy farms. The guidelines described in this article are based on the industry standard as set by DairyBase.

Dairy Farm Annual Cash Budget

The basic principles of management are planning and control by monitoring.

The management of income and expenditure in the business is called Financial Planning or Budgeting.