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Head Loss & Velocity in Irrigation Pipes

Today i am going to explain an important part of the drip irrigation design which is called Head Loss and Velocity in irrigation pipes. For providing proper water to the each plant of the field we must have to consider several things in mind like.


(Dairy Vietnam) Thousands of plants, hundreds of employees and distributors, scores of photographs and three winners. NaanDanJain’s first photography contest brought out the employees’ creativity.

Once A Day Milking - The Future Of Grass Based Dairies

Nathan Pryor farms in West Cornwall, in partnership with his family. Speaking at the British Grassland Society's From Grass to Profit conference, he explains why once a day milking is the future of grass based dairying.

Fertigation Machines

Galcon's unique Fertigation Machines are devices for mixing fertilizer in the irrigation water. The fertilizer is injected in to the pressurized water system via venturi pumps. Up to 8 channels of fertilizer injection can be employed together.

Recent Techniques in Fertigation of Horticultural Crops in Israel

Recent Trends in Nutrition Management in Horticultural crops

11-12 February 1999. Dapoli, Maharashtra, INDIA
Recent Techniques in Fertigation of Horticultural Crops in Israel

Patricia Imas, International Potash Institute Coordinator India.
c/o Dead Sea Works Ltd., POB 75 Beer Sheva 84100 Israel.

Advantages of fertigation
Chemical and biological guidelines for a sound fertigation
Fertilizers solubility
Interaction between the fertilizers and irrigation water
Soil pH
Physiological effects: antagonism and synergism
Practices of fertigation
Fertilizer preparation
Fertilizer injection methods
Fertigation management in greenhouse crops
Example: recommendation of a fertigation program by the Israeli Extension Service

Rondo Medium range mini-sprinkle

Mini Sprinklers irrigation emitters. T&H Agri Jsc offers a complete line of sprinkler solutions for a wide range of crops. T&H Agri Jsc mini sprinklers earned a reputation as the most reliable and durable sprinklers available with their outstanding distribution uniformity and large water passages. T&H Agri Jsc mini sprinklers simplicity and modular design allows for easy accessory options making them adaptable to almost any application and crop. RONDO mini sprinkler, RFR mini sprinkler.

Bermad Automatic Control Valves

BERMAD products have proved through the years to be dependable components in a wide range of installations in fire protection, industry and agriculture, and are being used every day in hundreds of countries around the world.

In addition to water meters, aerators and deaerators and pressure-reducing valves, the Bermad programme primarily comprises valves operating on the principle of the diaphragm-actuated globe valve. Diverse types ranging from small to (very) large, with single-chambered or double-chambered actuator, with or without automatic control functions.

In addition to the plastic 100 & 200 Series from ¾” to 6”, the valves can be made of brass, aluminium, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, bronze with various alloys up to and including titanium from 2" to 32".

Every valve is characterized as a reliable product with a wide of range of applications in terms of capacity and working pressure. Every valve is manufactured and tested with utmost care (ISO 9000 and 9001-2000). Certificates required and/or special testing procedures are available as well.