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 Kungfu Bò sữa
May 31, 2011

Mr Vecqueray advises when there is any question over the feed being spoilt, it should be fed with caution, particularly with high-yielding dairy cows, which will be less tolerant.

"Cows love sugar beet so including it in the ration will boost dry matter intakes. But this comes with its pros and cons - cows will always sort out sugar beet from the ration so it must be mixed well in a TMR."

Beef producers tight on feed could feed beet on its own to finishing cattle, possibly with a proportion of cereal, says Ms White. "However, growing cattle would need grass silage in addition to sugar beet."

And, as a high-energy, succulent feed, sugar beet roots are ideal for providing energy to pregnant ewes - particularly in the latter stages where there is risk of pregnancy toxaemia, says Dr Marsden.

"However, when feeding ewes it is essential that roots are broken or chopped to ensure uniform intakes and to minimise choking risk."

In fact, Dr Marsden recommends processing whole sugar beet when feeding to any ruminant.

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